Meet the Krafts

Hi! We’re Jordan and Kate Kraft.

We are two veterinarians who live just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, with our son Parker, newborn daughter Charlie, and a small herd of pets. We currently live with our two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Reese and Penny), two cats (Annie and Winnie), horse (Zoe), and a small ball python (Darwin).

Since meeting in undergrad and dating in vet school over ten years ago, we have been on many adventures together, spanning more than sixteen National Parks and six countries. Now we’re ready for the next phase of our journey.

We officially began working towards our dream lifestyle in December of 2018, when we purchased Aurora, our 1970 Airstream Overlander, in Mesilla, New Mexico. Aurora, as we christened her, was being used as a mobile clothing boutique. We bought her with the intent of doing a shell-off renovation to modernize and customize the old girl, and then to transition to a full time RV lifestyle.

Our current target for full time RV living is May of 2021. Our goals to accomplish before then include:

  • Completely renovate Aurora the Airstream
  • Finish remodeling our house
  • Streamline our stuff to fit in an RV
  • Sell the house
  • Decide where we’re going first!

So come roll with us as we journey through the next 12 months of working towards an RV lifestyle, and we’ll see where we go from there!

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