Aurora Walk Around

Hey everyone! We are incredibly excited to share Aurora with you, so without further ado here she is, home safe and sound (ish! We were unfortunate enough to break a wing window on the way home from New Mexico).

We wanted to give you guys a good overview of our girl before we really get started. The photos below show the exterior and interior before beginning any work on Aurora. She definitely has a few beauty marks, broken windows, rust, and old paint but we think there’s a good chance she’s just a diamond in the rough.

A quick walk around the outside reveals 4 broken windows (yikes! Those guys are expensive!), rust on the A frame and in the rear bumper compartment, numerous dents, a mangled panel or two in the rear road side cap, and tires long past their prime. Inside are the remnants of a clothing boutique with original AC unit, a mini-fridge, changing room, and racks for clothes. It doesn’t leave much for reuse, but we were planning on building from the ground up and making Aurora completely our own.

Next week you’ll get to follow along with us as we begin the demolition process, the first real work we’ve accomplished!



One thought on “Aurora Walk Around

  1. I just bought a 1970 Ambassador and doing the full monty as well. Look forward to following your progress!


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