Kraft Family Vacation 2021: Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier, Part II

Hi everyone! Welcome back!

Today we are going to share our day trip to the Grand Tetons with you! It was our very first time visiting this National Park, and we were excited to check another one off our list. If you missed Part I of our trip, feel free to check it out here!

The Tetons were about 2 hours and 45 minutes from where we stayed in Island Park, so it was a pretty good drive. We were up early with the kiddos and fortunately they slept some of the way down to the Tetons.

The views of the mountains were incredible.

After looking at the map, we decided to head to the Colter Bay Visitor Center first, which was the northernmost visitor center in the park. We had to stop and get the kids their passport stamps for this park, similar to what we did in Yellowstone. They had some pretty cool stamps!

We then headed up to the String Lake Trailhead, where we could do an approximately 4 mile loop around beautiful String Lake.

Both of our kids rode in their Osprey packs for this hike. This trip was Charlie’s first time in her pack (we actually purchased a second pack specifically for this trip), and she loved being up high and getting to see everything. Charlie’s uncle Morgan carried her for most of the hikes since my pregnant belly wasn’t so great with a pack.

Sidenote: We LOVE our Osprey baby backpacks! We received so many comments while we were on the trail about how great the kids were doing in their packs. They are super comfy and give the kids plenty of shade and room to sleep. For reference, Charlie is 32″ tall and 22 pounds at 16 months, and Parker is about 40″ and 35 pounds at almost 3 years. They even have room to carry their favorite stuffed babies with them! (You’ll see Charlie’s unicorn and Parker’s doggy in most of our photos.)

We ate lunch on the trail, with the kids intermittently napping and watching as we hiked. Parker was convinced we were going to see a bear in the woods, but alas, not on this trip.

However, we were able to get our Kraft family photo with everyone!

We drove through the Tetons a little longer, but knowing that we had a long drive back we headed out earlier than usual. For a change of scenery, we drove south through Jackson and then back up to our house in Island Park. We had a lot of packing to do before heading out to Glacier the next day!

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