What the heck is going on?

Hey guys! We have a ton of news to share with you guys and we’re going to tell you ALL about it below.

First: Aurora

As you know, our plan was to take our family on the road full time in our Airstream in order to travel more before the kids are school-age. This plan was also intended as a means of saving money for a few years while we looked for our new home base, with our dream being to buy property, build a house, and have a small homestead for the kids to grow up. Property values in our area have skyrocketed, like in so many other places, so we didn’t know if this was even a realistic goal, or if we were going to have to settle for a small piece of land like we are currently situated on (2.5 acres).

While we still plan to finish our remodel on Aurora and travel with her, we likely won’t be full-timing the way we imagined.

Second: Baby #3

We found out we are expecting our third baby this winter (in a few short weeks in fact!) and traveling full time with three under three seems like a fairly significant challenge. I also don’t know about having a newborn baby on the road, especially during COVID times.

Third: Our Current House

We have been working to get our house ready to sell for the better part of this year, and we’re still not there. While we’re almost done with the kids bathroom, we still have our master bath to renovate, and some smaller projects to finish up including painting the exterior, finishing the well cover, fixing our fencing, repairing our driveway, and a punch list of touch ups. We are feverishly trying to get all of this stuff done (we’ll share our GTFO list soon!) so that we can get the house listed on the market.

Fourth: Our Latest Adventure

We bought a property!

Like many people, Jordan and I enjoy cruising Zillow and dreaming about possible houses and properties. About two months ago, Jordan came across a property about 45 minutes south of our current house, that was shockingly well priced. Although larger than what we ever thought we could afford, because of how reasonable the price was we decided to go take a look. When we arrived out at the property, the listing agent let us know that offers were due the next day by noon. After some hurried discussion (are we really doing this?!) we decided to put an offer in on the property, and we were amazed that in this crazy real estate market it was actually accepted! There was a lot of leg work to get it done, which we’ll probably delve into in another post, but at the end of the day we were able to get our dream property way ahead of schedule due to some very lucky circumstances!

We have some major updates regarding the property and all of the work going on with that (spoiler alert: there is a lot!) and we are so excited to share all of it with you!

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