Our New Place!

We were so excited to share our news with you last week that we have purchased what will eventually be our new home!

We wanted to share our new property with you, as well as give you a brief look into our plans moving forward. As I mentioned in our previous post, the whole process was a bit of a whirlwind. Jordan found a property about 45 minutes south of our current home (which means 45 minutes closer to both sets of grandparents) that was priced quite reasonably for the current real estate market. Considering similar properties in the metroplex are being listed for 100-200K per acre, we were interested when we saw something listed for significantly less.

I asked Jordan if he wanted to go take a look, and we figured, what could it hurt?

When we arrived out at the property that Saturday afternoon, the listing agent let us know that offers were due Sunday at noon. After walking the property, we had a really serious debate on the way home. The property is in a great location, 45 minutes closer to both sets of grandparents and 5 minutes from some of our good friends. It’s also wooded, with large post oaks and pine trees, which is something of a rarity here in Texas. We assumed that if we bought property in the future we would have to plan on planting trees right away so that in 20 years we might have something halfway decent. We were thrilled to find a property with mature trees already in place (although we will likely still do some additional planting). There is also a large pond which appears to stay full year round, another bonus here in Texas.

In addition to all of the pro’s regarding the property itself, there is also a small house on the property, built in the 1940s. While the house is in pretty rough shape, the property was essentially priced with zero value attributed to the little house. The really nice part of this situation is that once we fix it up, the little house will give us somewhere to live while we plan out and build our forever home.

We submitted our offer that Sunday, knowing that there were already a few significant offers on the table over asking price. We also wrote a letter along with our offer, hoping that although we couldn’t go as high on our price as some of the others, that our situation (two little kiddos, third on the way, looking to raise them on the property as our forever home) might sway them to accept our offer. Two days later we received the happy news that we were accepted! We were ecstatic, although I think we’re still in a bit of shock that our plans have changed so significantly over the past month!

Check out the photos of the property below, and we’ll have more updates for you soon!

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