Farmhouse Update and a Mood Board!

Hi everyone!

As you know, we have been working on several projects lately, the biggest and most intense of which is our plan for building our dream house on our new property!

After interviewing several builders, getting some very rough pricing estimates, and meeting with two of the builders’ architects, we have chosen an architect to get started on our plans. The first round of drawings needed some significant revisions to get close to what we were looking for, but now on round two we think we’re pretty close, with mostly small changes to be made from here.

The exterior style that we would like is a throwback to the old colonial stone farmhouses, with a more updated interior. I’m hoping we have enough room in our budget to do some nice things on the finish-out, like trim and wall treatments that match the era, but some stuff will likely have to be simplified initially and then added on later.

We’ll be sharing our floor plans once we get a little further into the process, but we are incredibly excited to be moving forward with this huge dream project, and are excited to share it all with you!

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