Before and After: Revealing Our Kids’ Bathroom Remodel

Hi guys!

We are FINALLY wrapping up some projects on our current house and are thrilled to share the final product with you!

This week, we put the finishing touches on our kids’ bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We also continued working on the demo of our master bath, which will be our last big project before we go on the market! (And yes, I’m probably the only pregnant woman crazy enough to be demoing a bathroom the night before her induction 😂.)

Starting demo on the master bath

We have been diligently working on the kids bathroom over the past few months, since it was one of the few eyesores left in the house. As a reminder, here’s where we started.

Sales photo of the kids bathroom

Lavender paint, cheap builder-grade finish out, and cramped quarters with too many doors.

Our plan was to remove the half doors into the toilet room and the closet, open up the doorway to make the room feel larger, install floating shelves instead of a linen closet to better utilize the space, and replace all the fixtures, vanities, and shower-tub.

Step one was demo. We took out everything in the bathroom, including the drywall, to get it down to the studs.

Old wallpaper behind the vanity mirror.

Next, Jordan had to remove the existing framing for the linen closet, and open up the doorway into the back portion of the room. This included installing a new header board across the higher and wider opening.

After that we were ready to install the new tub, cement board for the shower surround, and shiplap for the rest of the walls. We decided to do shiplap similar to our half bath in this bathroom, which eliminated the need for additional drywall.

You can see the various stages of shiplap install below.

After installing the cement board and shiplap, Jordan covered the whole shower area with RedGard Waterproofing Membrane to make it impermeable to water. Once the RedGard was dry he could work on tiling the shower, which was the last major step to finish the bathroom!

Once the shower was tiled we were able to get the vanities installed, along with all of the new light fixtures, mirrors and toilet. I finished the floating shelves with stain and polyurethane, and we were ready to begin using our brand new kids’ bathroom!

Shiplap paint color: Sherwin Williams Bright White

Sources: floor tile, shower wall tile, hexagon shelf tile, tub (similar), shower head/faucet kit, shower valve, shiplap, ceiling light, vanity lights, vanity mirrors, vanity, vanity faucets, towel rings, toilet, toilet holder, towel hooks, bath mat, hamper, art

We hope you enjoyed this renovation with us, and we are excited to share the final pieces of our journey with our first house with all of you!

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