Updated Cottage Floor Plan and Exterior Mood Board

Hi everyone!

Demo on the cottage continues, and unfortunately there have been a few more surprises and hiccups along the way. However, while we are sorting those issues out, we wanted to go ahead and share a few things with you!

First, we wanted to share our goals for our updated floor plan. As we are planning to move our family in while we build our dream house, we really need the cottage to be four bedrooms for us and the kids. Our timeline on the new build is about two years, so we will need to be as comfortable as possible in a small space. However, we are optimistic as we were planning to move into our sub-180 foot Airstream, so 1200 square feet should feel very doable.

Here is our proposed updated floor plan, assuming we are able to shift walls around the way that we hope.

The major updates include:

  • Creating bedroom 4 in the oversized living room
  • Move the utilities into the hall bathroom (currently in the kitchen)
  • Remove the stairwell to the attic to create a kitchen pantry and closet for bedroom 2
  • Remove one of the closets in the master bedroom to make it a bit larger
  • Close off the entrance to the master bath from bedroom 3, and expand the master bath into some of the closet space to make it more functional
  • Open up the doorways in the hall to ceiling height to make it feel more open
  • Remove the cover on the patio and string lights instead

I also wanted to share a mood board for the exterior of the cottage. Currently the house has light blue siding with yellow windows, and we want to go for more of a classic look with new white Hardie board siding, black windows and shutters, and likely cedar posts on the porch. We’re also going to update the landscaping around the house as it is currently severely overgrown and unkempt.

A reminder of where we’re starting:

We’re also planning to trim the gorgeous tree out front so that it is no longer resting on the roof. If we can we’ll raise the overhang on the porch as well to get rid of that heavy “eyebrow” that the front of the house has.

Check out our inspiration below!

What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback on our plans!

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