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We’re Jordan and Kate Kraft.

Welcome to our online hub of memories, information, and discoveries. We’re happy to have you share the adventure with us!

Our story began in an honors genetics class in our undergraduate programs, where we met for the first time. We began dating in veterinary school and were married in 2014. During that time we started adventuring together as thrifty college students, taking road trips to places like the Grand Canyon, Everglades National Park, and culminating in a trip to Yosemite National Park where Jordan proposed on the side of a mountain.

Since then, we have lived in several states, bought a house and started a family, and continued to travel. We even took our son Parker on a road trip through Canada when he was 10 months old!

As we settled into more of a traditional lifestyle, we began to tire of the daily grind. Mortgage payments, childcare expenses, and not enough freedom for adventuring. In December of 2018 we made the first step towards an alternative way of living with our purchase of our 1970 Airstream Overlander, who we christened “Aurora”.

Our journey over the next twelve months and beyond will be to restore our girl to functional use, with the goal of a modern, ultralight, and technologically advanced Airstream that will be comfortable for our entire family. We would love for you to join us as we roll along on this journey together.

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