What the heck is going on?

Hey guys! We have a ton of news to share with you guys and we're going to tell you ALL about it below. First: Aurora As you know, our plan was to take our family on the road full time in our Airstream in order to travel more before the kids are school-age. This plan … Continue reading What the heck is going on?

Trailer Frame: Before and After

This week we're discussing the welding work we have had done on our Airstream frame. The condition of the trailer frame is one of the most important considerations when preparing your trailer to go on the road. Since this is going to be our primary living space, we want to be sure that the frame … Continue reading Trailer Frame: Before and After

Shell Removal Prep: Building the Interior Supports

This week we're going to discuss the next step in getting ready to take our shell off of our Airstream! When removing the aluminum shell, one of the biggest concerns is that the shell will become deformed or warped, which not only impacts structural integrity but also may affect the ability to get the shell … Continue reading Shell Removal Prep: Building the Interior Supports

Removing the interior skins

This week we're finishing the interior demolition. We did this pretty quickly after getting the decor and finish-out removed, but we spent such a long time it only felt right to split it into a second post. Make sure you check out our latest video including the skin removal at the bottom of this post! … Continue reading Removing the interior skins

Demo continues: Windows, trim, and lights

Hi everyone! Just a quick check in this week as we continue our demo with the removal of our windows and trim. The windows were a little tricky to remove. First, we had to remove the screens and latches. The screens are held on by a few screws and should pop right out. The latches … Continue reading Demo continues: Windows, trim, and lights